Woodland Trust

71.83m2 new native woodland

Print Revolution Ltd has created 71.83 m2 of new native woodland in the UK to remove 2,873 kg of Carbon Dioxide October - December 2015

Carbon Capture

The Premier Paper Group is offering customers and their clients the opportunity to capture the CO2 emissions from their paper purchases by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme.                                                    

How it Works

  • When you place your paper order you may elect to capture the carbon from the manufacture and distribution of the paper

  • The amount of CO2 generated in the production and delivery of your paper is calculated

  • This amount is added as a separate item on your invoice

  • We will send you a certificate and the Woodland Carbon logo which may be used in conjunction with the paper purchased to demonstrate your commitment to using reduced CO2 paper

All Carbon Capture charges will be paid to the Woodland Trust who will plant woodland at one of their accredited woodland creation sites in the UK


Border crossing into war zone welcomed

The finest historical miniatures around

When your neighbour is armed to the teeth with German tanks, Egyptian Archers and US 81mm mortars, you think twice about wandering into 'enemy' territory.

But when company director, Adrian Collier, thought it timely to meet fellow business centre resident 'Warlord Games', he was delighted with the welcome. And since that first meeting earlier this year, Print Revolution has been regularly printing materials for the gaming company.

Their website is well worth a visit as they produce the finest plastic, resin and metal 28mm historical miniature to be found.


We may not be Usain Bolt but…

The world’s fastest man may be able to run 100m in under 9.6 seconds but we doubt whether he could beat our record-breaking achievements in a specialised field event.
In September 2013 The Woodland Trust recognised Print Revolution for creating  28.51 square metres of new woodland as a result of applying progressive environmental policies. And we didn’t even break a sweat; nor did we show-off our buff bodies.
Now where’s Richard Branson?

Photo credit:, attribution: Erik van Leeuwen (bron: Wikipedia). / / CC BY-SA


Operation Carbon Capture

Approximately 400 tonnes of CO2 is locked up forever

Under the full cover of December daylight, a crack team from Print Revolution (not named for security reasons) stealthily made its way onto MOD land and planted over 50 ‘CCT’ devices.
“Neither of us approve of chemical warfare” one of the team was heard to whisper. “But we’re reliably informed by those specialists at the Woodland Trust that for every hectare of CCT (Carbon Capture Tree) planting, approximately 400 tonnes of CO2 is locked up forever.”
Later that same day, officers from Premier Paper’s Carbon Capture Programme debriefed all participants. The mission to plant a new native woodland at The Prince William of Gloucester Barracks in Grantham was declared a complete success.


Happy Tenth Birthday

On December 1st 2012 Print Revolution celebrated its 10th birthday.
“It’s a fabulous milestone to reach” said company Chairman Peter Harrington. “From very humble beginnings, it’s incredible to see what the team has achieved in ten years. Back when Print Revolution first started there were very few customers. Today, word of mouth is so strong, work just keeps on coming through the door which says so much for the professionalism, talent and commitment of the team.”


Phaser Set to Stun

This may not be the final frontier

A desire for continuous innovation and enterprise means the next generation of technology is never far from the factory floor at Print Revolution.
Taking delivery of the very latest Xerox Phaser machinery, company director Peter Harrington said he was delighted with the investment. The printer guarantees even higher levels of full colour quality control and service turnaround for clients.  
“This may not be the final frontier, but compared to print machines available when the company started in 2002, the Phaser practically has warp speed,” added Peter with a beaming smile.


Monster Print for Monster Trucks

‘toys for men’

Print Revolution is delighted to support the mammoth ‘Hillhead’ event which is once again taking place in Buxton. Hiilhead 2012 is one of the world’s largest events in the construction calendar.
“We have been supplying print and design to Hillhead since 2003” said director Adrian Collier. “And it’s great to see the team at Print Revolution come together to ensure that all the required materials, leaflets, booklets and signs are provided to time and budget.”
Hillhead 2012 takes place from the 19th – 21st June at Hillhead in Buxton. Hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of people and a titanic tonnage of ‘toys for men’ will make the event a sell-out success.


Welcome News

We were delighted with the high level of customer service

An organisation that specialises in bringing people together recently discovered Print Revolution.
The Child Migrants Trust was established in 1987 by Margaret Humphreys CBE, OAM; a Nottinghamshire Social Worker.  It reunites families separated for decades. You can find out more at:

“The Trust contacted us because they needed a quality newsletter producing quickly.  As ever we were very happy to help” said director Adrian Collier.  The Child Migrants Trust commented “We were delighted with the high level of customer service, the price and the turnaround provided by Print Revolution and we look forward to working with them again in the future”.


Tickled Pink by Pickle Performance

Sales have increased by 30%

Bob Pitchfork, owner of ‘Mr Pitchfork’s Pickles’, asked Print Revolution to rebrand his award-winning handmade relishes, pickles and preserves. He asked Diane, our commercial manager and graphic designer, to revamp his existing corporate identity. The brief was to create a new design for all of his labels.

Bob enthused, “Sales have increased by 31% due to the fact we rebranded our entire range of products. I found working with Print Revolution both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Print Revolution has certainly helped my small cottage business move forward and I will be working with them in the New Year as my business expands.”

Mr Pitchfork’s Pickles was established in 2002 in Nottingham.

For further information visit:


Stand out on the High Street

What a great way to advertise our brand

Specialist Solar Energy company ‘Electrik Collective’ wanted Print Revolution to produce an on-site promotion that would stand out on the high street. They chose the 'Herald A Frame' system for the following reasons:

  • Single or double sided
  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor
  • Heavy duty, lightweight aluminium
  • Easy to put up and take down

Helena, Co Director at Electrik Collective said, "The A Board will act as a large business card for us. People passing our door will be far more aware that we provide Solar Panel energy systems.”